World- sociology, per Peter Wagner

En el marc del Seminari internacional Perspectives globals en les Humanitats i les Ciències Socials, us convidem a la conferència World- sociology, a càrrec de Peter Wagner, Investigador ICREA- Research Council Advanced Grant project, Universitat de Barcelona.

La conferència tindrà lloc el dijous 18 de maig de les 14:30 hores a la seu central de la UOC (Avinguda Tibidabo, 39-43 08035 Barcelona).

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Resum de la conferència

The objective of a world-sociology is to elaborate an understanding of the present sociopolitical constellation that is global in its outlook but sensitive to differences in specific spatiotemporal circumstances and that is based on insights into how this present constellation has been brought about through transformations of preceding socio-political constellations. This is a time honoured task addressed in ‘classical’ historical sociology, but largely abandoned today because of theoretical and methodological criticism of earlier attempts. This seminar tries to show how a new approach to this task can be developed: by identifying the elements for such work in recent debates; by outlining the conceptual steps necessary for reconstruction; and finally by sketching the contours of such a new world-sociology in some substance.

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